VCG Utility

With the vast possibility of integration from our flexible protocol, we ensure an easy compatibility ecosystem for 3rd party users for a complete auxiliary support with $VCG.

  1. All token transactions in DEX will be imposed with a 6% tax rate that will be allocated for Marketing, Partnership, & Development.
  2. $VCG, with all its utility value, can be easily integrated with 3rd party use cases such as:
  3. A trading instrument in a specific ecosystem (e.g. NFT marketplaces, Ransverse, crowdfunding platforms, etc.)
  4. Ecosystem-as-a-service for various gaming content or community platforms, which can even include NFT launchpad and staking infrastructure.
  5. As rewards for various campaigns, events, etc.

Awareness will be the paramount factor and a key endgame focus for our relentless push towards utility, value, flexibility, and compatibility. Awareness is what will boost the market towards higher transaction volume that will directly and indirectly affect market capitalization, token price growth, and thus creating even more awareness.  

Last update on: September 19, 2022 at 03:22 am