With sales and transaction tax distributed towards marketing as well as research and development, VCGamers always ensures progress and development across all aspects of the ecosystem in parallel with external collaborations with strategic partners and the growth of the community. We will also launch a revenue sharing scheme with all community members and $VCG holders. 

Revenue Streams Revenue Sharing
6% Tax from Buy & Sell Transactions in Public Sale 5% Company Treasury, 1% Staking Pool
Company NFTs Sales on Marketplace 25% Staking Pool, 75% Company Treasury & Reserved
NFT Transaction fees 25% Staking Pool, 75% Company Treasury & Reserved
VC Ads Manager Revenue 50% Staking Pool, 50% Company Treasury & Reserved
Subscription & Other Services Revenue 75% Staking Pool, 25% Company Treasury & Reserved
Swap Fee 100% auto buyback $VCG
Tocenomics VCGamers
Last update on: September 19, 2022 at 03:22 am