Our tokenomics have been carefully planned and executed in their distribution, usage, and valuation of the total supply. The tokenomics, combined with our tax rate, will ensure security, mitigate dumping, and prevent the token from being disproportionately affected by a small number of large token holders.

After Private and Presale events, $VCG will be available for the general public once we have launched on PancakeSwap, other DEXs and eventually CEXs.

Allocation % Token Supply Status Wallet Address
Private Sale 4% 4.000.000 Public Distributed to all private sale investors
Presale/IDO 35% 35.000.000 Public 0xEd7e7AA86eba84fA301a331bF9Db9e3ad176302A
Initial DEX Liq. 20% 20.000.000 Public 0xae3691adfec53fe142ae0595f91811b1113d886f
Initial CEX Liq. 10% 10.000.000 Vesting 0xb082A9f1255eFDC72CdF1910DEA535Ccc8FD392b
Marketing 10% 10.000.000 Vesting 0xF4aC0fBc0D6c9e552CC33DdA8067EC92E86170b6
Partnerships 10% 10.000.000 Vesting 0xe9aCc46F6bEaf14E850AFB256527b9F07B0C37d2
Development 10% 10.000.000 Vesting 0xf4EdE1cef3B0Dd1A041A0d6002021C5674685FDA
Airdrop 1% 1.000.000 Vesting 0x03c6997d221C5526FdAeF8E0De8E72F472562d63
Last update on: November 14, 2022 at 07:13 am