Growth Model and KPIs. The key success factors for building the ecosystem consist of ensuring an organic community growth of Developers, Publishers, Creators and Players invested in the value proposition offered by VCGamers while ensuring community satisfaction. In order to ensure a progressive growth of the community and its model, we have identified key variables that will be measured and incentivized through marketing, promotional, and  communication tactics to ensure the growth of the ecosystem: 

  • Community interaction & Groups in VC Hub
  • Creators growth rate; 
  • Players growth rate; 
  • New Assets created and uploaded per  Developer & Creator; 
  • Assets sold per month created by Developer & Creator; 
  • Inflation rate of Assets in the marketplace; 
  • Average price per Asset developed by Creators (in $VCG); 
  • Average price per Asset developed by TSB (in $VCG); 
  • Asset price growth; 
  • Token  supply of $VCG; 
  • Initial supply of $VCG in the hands of Developers, Creators and Players; 
  • Price of $VCG (in USD or BNB);  
  • % Commission at the marketplace, Official NFTs Sold, Ads Commission, and Growth % Community Engagement 

Therefore, while the total supply of $VCG is fixed, the initial amount of $VCG offered to the ecosystem through creators and players will be limited to add a scarcity effect due to the following key factors: 

  • A growing number of Creators and Players which eventually will reduce the $VCG available per capita; and 
  • Staking effect, increasing the time holding $VCG
Last update on: September 12, 2022 at 10:13 am