Buy and sell various games, digital products, assets and NFTs, and subscriptions as easy as one click away. From obtaining the newest skin in game, fulfilling daily needs such as buying mobile phone’s credit, to enjoying unique digital artwork, you can do all of this in just one place. For instance, Players will be able to discover, buy and sell gaming NFTs on VCGamers, through both a primary market (initial drops by gaming companies) and a secondary market (through resales in OpenSea marketplace).

VCGamers Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Premium Content NFTs

NFT is the new gaming DLC (Downloadable content) for gamers worldwide with exclusive content from their favorite games. With that in mind, collecting NFTs is now a mainstream hobby for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Therefore, it is VCGamers’ goal to launch a new NFT marketplace that will support this ecosystem and growing worldwide phenomenon. VCGamers’ NFT marketplace aims to empower Indonesian gamers and beyond to level up their standing in the global gaming community. Among others, it will offer the following experiences:

  • Collect premium NFTs through mystery box features and earn through NFT staking after completing a collection.
  • Gain perks by collecting premium NFTs such as extra % return in staking, and many more.
  • Sell unused NFTs to other users who are looking to complete their NFT collections.

To enrich the marketplace, we will invite game developers, game publishers, hardware gaming companies, and more to collaborate with us.

Last update on: September 16, 2022 at 11:42 am