Game Launchpad 

VCGamers Launchpad is a web3 launchpad platform designed exclusively for games regardless of the game type and genre. This is the ultimate platform that allows game creators to kickstart their web3 game projects, raise liquidity, and make giga improvements by involving Gamers as the Investors.  Our mission is to create an open platform for the free exchange of digital goods. We will do that by partnering with the best gaming companies launching their game including NFTs and building tools that help them reach their customers at a wider scale. In Indonesia itself, there are numerous potential Game Developers that haven’t been reached and supported equally. We’ll partner with gaming studios with deep game-building experience to unlock their potential.

In the long run, we see ourselves creating infrastructure for emergent use cases of NFTs as well, such as the lending / scholarship model in some play-to-earn games. We are starting with the Binance blockchain since we see the low cost and high speed of transactions as appealing to game creators who want to have a high number of in-game assets.

VCG Launchpad


Last update on: September 19, 2022 at 03:20 am