We believe that our investors are one of the pillars that keep VCGamers continuously growing toward our shared Vision.
Staking Reward is one of our appreciation to the investors by giving a relatively fair amount to those who believe in this project.

Staking Period Annual Percentage Rate
30 Days 14%
60 Days 15%
90 Days 20%
180 Days 22%
360 Days 25%

As a reward for your trust in us, we are giving out an irresistible offer in the form of this staking. Just sit back, let your assets do the work, earn passive revenues without needing to sell anything.

Our staking system reward is currently described as follows:
Min Stake Amount  : $VCG 100
Max Stake Amount : $VCG 100,000 

Staking Formula:
Reward per block = Value Token / Total Block 360 Days / Total Staked Token
Total Blocks/Total Seconds = 24 x Day Period x 60 x 60
Est Reward = Total Blocks/Total Seconds x Reward per-block x Total staked Tokens
ROI/APY = Est Reward / (Token Price x Total staked Token)

The reward per block will change depending on the variables that affect the calculation.
ROI will vary according to the variables that affect the calculation.

VCG Staking

Exchange Swap

With Swap, you can exchange your $VCG token with other cryptocurrencies within the same blockchain. Swap allow you to diversify your portfolio, earn profit, and improve staking your passive income.


Last update on: February 20, 2023 at 09:13 am