Gaming Market

Did you know the gaming industry market revenue is larger than the movie & sports industries combined? According to analytics company Newzoo(1), in Indonesia alone, the gaming market revenue reached US$1,74 billion (IDR 25,1 trillion) in 2020. Indonesia is currently the #1 gaming market in South East Asia and 17th in the world in terms of revenue. In addition, Asia is now one of the hottest markets for online gaming, leading to businesses being constantly on the lookout for opportunities.

One key area is the growth of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is the most popular platform in Asia, especially in Indonesia. As stated by a study in the advertising platform Pokkt(2). there are at least 80 million mobile gamers in the country. The number is expected to reach 100 million, or approximately 2 in 5 Indonesians, by next year.


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Last update on: September 19, 2022 at 03:08 am